Defensor bans entry of swine from Eastern Visayas


The provincial government of Iloilo has banned the entry of pork products from Eastern Visayas.

Last Thursday, the Department of Agriculture (DA) reported new cases of African swine fever (ASF) in Leyte, as well as in nearby Masbate.

“Eastern Visayas shall be added among the territories and localities from where swine, pork, pork products and by-products shall be banned from entry into the province,” Governor Arthur Defensor Jr.’s Executive Order No. (EO) 048, Series 2021 read. (

All livestock transport carriers coming in and going out of livestock auction markets and livestock holding facilities shall undergo thorough disinfection and must carry updated disinfection clearance signed by the livestock technician or any authorized personnel, the EO 048 stated.

Last month, the provincial government prohibited the entry of livestock transport carriers without a disinfection certificate from Luzon and Mindanao currently suffering ASF.

Livestock transport carriers and hog vans from Luzon, Mindanao were “potential agents of transmission of the disease through feces, urine and fomites,” said Defensor.

The ban will be lifted only when the country has been declared ASF-free already.