Defend pa more! Gwen Garcia says she never said tu-ob was COVID cure


Gwen Garcia isn’t done defending herself from haters who question her fascination with tu-ob or steam inhalation.

For the nth time, the Cebu governor said her detractors have been pouncing on her now-viral video where she encourages the traditional steam method to help coronavirus patients recover, with the situation getting out of hand days after she lashed out against medical doctors who questioned this process.

“It is taking my words out of context in a malicious attempt to discredit my efforts to protect the Cebuanos from Covid-19 and from the hopelessness that there is still no cure or vaccine. I have been consistent in advocating for tu-ob or steam inhalation only as one of many other health regimens,” the politiko said.

“If I had really touted it as a cure for Covid, then my actions would have been to consistently announce daily that we were able to beat all of the world’s experts in discovering the magic cure. But I did not,” she added.

Garcia said all the media attention might have popularized the method even more.