Dami daw bago! Larsian food strip to reopen on November 16

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Good news for foodies in Cebu: improvements are to be implemented at the Larsian food strip in Cebu when it reopens this coming Friday, Nov. 16.

The provincial government said the guidelines to be implemented will particularly address concerns on food handling and customer service.

Larsian administrator Joey Herrera said one improvement is a requirement for owners to place a price list in conspicuous areas of their store (

Owners are also to display menus with prices indicated on their respective tables.

Also, the food strip – closed for three months for rehabilitation – will feature proper drainage and enough water, parking spaces, and clean restrooms. The grill area roof has been raised to keep smoke from diners.

It now has 44 stalls, compared to the previous 22. The facility is run by the provincial government.

Earlier, customers had complained that some stalls not only overcharge for their food items, but also do not give receipts.

Herrera said he had talked to the stall owner concerned, and the worker behind the overpriced meal was dismissed.

Also, Herrera said he would welcome the Bureau of Internal Revenue to check on the stalls in Larsian to address the problem of not issuing receipts.

Meanwhile, the stalls’ staff underwent a food handling and customer service seminar. Staff members will also have uniforms and identification cards.