Councilor Nina Mabatid’s secret to winning: ‘Cebuanos love me’

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Here’s her clapback to her haters who claim she cheated her way to win the polls.

Barangay captain turned Councilor-elect Nina Mabatid won with flying colors during the May 13 polls, landing the second-highest number of votes in her district.

Mabatid knew that she had some critics who insist she manipulated the polls to her favor, but she knows that her charm was her secret to success.

“I have been accused of vote buying, single voting, junking my partymates just to win. They are absolutely wrong. These are the hidden stories of my victory. I am loved by the Cebuanos,” Mabatid said during her thanksgiving celebration. “These photos speak a thousand words. This kind of love cannot be bought.”

“Do not underestimate the cebuanos coz their love is not for sale,” she added.