Councilor Dizon pushes to prohibit sale of vaccine slots

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Councilor Alvin Dizon has filed a proposed ordinance that prohibits the selling of Covid-19 vaccine slots in Cebu City.

Dizon underscored the need to prevent unscrupulous activities during these critical times when vaccines are limited and the pandemic continues to disrupt economic activities.

Citing Republic Act No. 115251, the councilor said “the procurement, importation, donation, storage, transport, deployment, and administration of Covid-19 vaccines through the Covid-19 Vaccination Program by the government or any of its political subdivisions and by private entities shall be exempt from customs duties, value-added tax, excise tax, donor’s tax, and other fees, provided, that the vaccines shall not be intended for resale or other commercial use.” (

His proposal specifically prohibits and penalizes the sale, distribution, or administration of vaccines and the sale of vaccination slots by any person, institution, corporation, group, or organization for gain, income, or profit.

“This is to help minimize, if not eliminate, the inequities in vaccine distribution by penalizing those who commercialize the process, the integrity of such vaccine distribution being critical to building trust and inspiring confidence in the Covid-19 vaccines among the public,” said Dizon.

Violators will be fined and serve jail time of up to six months.

Erring public officials or employees will be dismissed and permanently disqualified from holding any city government office or position.