Councilor Archival decries mayor’s inaction on coronavirus measures


Cebu City minority floor leader Nestor Archival blasted the administration of Mayor Edgardo Labella’s inaction on the measures in relation to coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Archival said he felt “useless” after the resolutions and ordinances were reportedly not acted upon by Labella.

He vented his ire after Vice Mayor Michael Rama asked councilors to join the Citizen’s Protocol Enforcement Movement that helps disseminate critical information regarding Covid-19. (

While Rama’s intention is good, the councilor said there are also other measures worth implementing.

Archival cited the installation of sound systems on garbage trucks to boost info dissemination on the virus as proposed by Councilor Joel Garganera last May, but still not acted upon.

He added that there are a handful of ordinances and about a thousand resolutions in line with Covid-19, but only those involving budget have been acted upon.

“These are the things that I am really sad about because we spend too much time in building or drafting an ordinance or resolution, but the problem is it’s not being done, it’s not being implemented,” according to him.