Council wants more lanes for pedestrians

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The Cebu City Council has asked the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) and the Cebu City Traffic Management Coordination Committee (CCTMCC) to make pedestrian lanes more accessible, particularly those leading to schools.

The CCTO and CCTMCC were also requested to facilitate areas with “No Jaywalking” signs but no personnel manning them.

Councilor Nestor Archival Sr. sponsored a resolution on the matter, which the council approved. (

“There have been cases of citizens being hit while crossing a pedestrian lane, and vehicular accidents caused by citizens not using the pedestrian lane,” said Archival.

He also noted an increase in the number of citizens in Cebu City being apprehended for jaywalking.

There are several pedestrian lanes in the city that are not visible to the naked eye of motorists when driving, according to him.

With this, the council requested the CCTO and CCTMCC to identify areas in the city that need pedestrian lanes.

City Ordinance 1814, also known as the “Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance,” has been in effect since February 23, 2000.