Cops monitoring 2 theft ‘syndicates’ in Boracay

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At least two organized groups of thieves are preying on tourists in newly reopened Boracay Island, police in Malay town in Aklan said.

Malay police head Chief Inspector Ruel Firmo said their information shows the two groups are not from Boracay Island.

Citing initial findings, he said some members of one group are from Kalibo town in Aklan while the other is from neighboring Iloilo province (

Firmo said they are not discounting the possibility the groups are operating nationwide and travel from one province to another.

He also noted some Boracay residents are venturing into thievery as well. Police had arrested two of them, one of whom is a minor.

Initial findings showed the local thieves are also into pickpocket, salisi, and swindling operations.

“They tried to blend in the crowd by joining the Halloween Party,” he said.