Contreras to Capiznons: Avoid Passi City

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The surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Passi City, Iloilo province prompted the provincial government of Capiz to issue an advisory to its citizens.

Passi City, which shares a border with the municipality of Dumarao, Capiz, is under an enhanced community quarantine until February 11. (

In an January 28 advisory, Governor Esteban Evan Contreras advised Capiznons to observe the following:

*Limit movement and travel to essential tasks only. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid going to or passing through Passi City.

*Avoid going to the Passi City public market and other public places in the city.

*When passing through Passi City in a private vehicle, do not stop or get off at any point inside the city.

*If you are in a passenger bus or any form of public transportation, wear your facemask and face shield properly at all times while in the vehicle, and seat yourself at least one seat away from all persons.

As part of its lockdown, Passi City set up checkpoints at its entry and exit points to regulate the entry and movement of people and cargo.