Contreras suspends non-essential travel in Capiz

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The province of Capiz, which is under general community quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions, restricting all non-essential travel across its borders.

Governor Esteban Evan Contreras has issued an order establishing checkpoints on Capiz’s borders to restrict interzonal travel into the province from areas with higher quarantine restrictions like Iloilo city and province which are under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Entry to the province is only limited to essential travel for the following persons: (

-officials and employees of local government units and national government agencies on official travel, subject to the presentation of a valid Travel Order and ID

-employees of private businesses allowed to operate in Capiz, subject to the presentation of a valid Travel Order and ID

-patients for admission to a hospital located in Capiz or passing through to an area outside of Capiz

-medical personnel responding to an emergency or returning home

-cargo vehicles delivering essential goods or merchandise

-persons travelling to an airport or seaport for travel elsewhere, subject to the presentation of a valid ticket

-persons passing through Capiz to another area outside the province, subject to the presentation of an ID showing residence at the area of destination or a valid booking in an accommodation establishment outside Capiz

Contreras also required all public utility vehicles to prepare and submit a passenger manifest that should be surrendered to provincial border control points for contact tracing purposes.