Collective effort against dengue urged


The Municipal Health Office (MHO) of Culasi town in Antique province appealed for residents to clean their surroundings to prevent dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

Residents must help them address the dengue problem, said Municipal Health Officer Dr. Roselyn Babayen-on.

Babayen-on said a total of 106 cases of dengue, with four deaths, were reported from January 1 to July 7 this year, a significant rise from the 14 cases registered in the same period last year.

“I am really asking for the cooperation of everyone. Mosquitoes could transfer from one house to another so everyone should have to maintain cleanliness,” according to her.

The Culasi Municipal Council declared a state of calamity on July 3 due to the rising dengue cases.

“Since we are now under the state of calamity, we are able to utilize a portion of the municipal government’s calamity fund for the purchase of our needed hospital supplies,” the MHO said.