City council wants ‘Panalo’ rapper to apologize for insulting Lapulapu


The Lapu-Lapu City Council has approved a resolution condemning the lyrics of the song “Panalo” by EZ Mil and requesting the rapper for the rectification of the condemned lyrics.

The legislative body also demanded that EZ Mil issue a public apology addressed to the Oponganons.

All 12 councilors voted for the passage of the resolution, according to Councilor Janvi dela Serna. (

Dela Serna suggested that the rapper might consider changing the lyrics of “Pinugotan si Lapu sa Mactan” to “Pinugotan ni Lapu si Mactan.”

The lyrics of the song are an insult to the national hero, knowing that the Duterte administration has given so much importance to Lapulapu, he added.