Cindy Rojas knows who to blame for surge in COVID cases as residents returned to provinces


All hell broke loose after the authority to head home was removed from local governments.

Bacolod City Councilor Cindy Tan-Rojas knows who to blame for the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in the provinces, saying a change in policies was all it took to wreak havoc and trigger a new chain reaction of infections.

“When the authority was still with the LGU to accept LSIs with a NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE, everything was regulated, and there was order. We can do the mandatory 14 day quarantine. But when they changed the authority and gave it to the PNP to issue TRAVEL AUTHORITIES to all LSIs coming home, that is when pandemonium started,” Rojas said, not mincing her words and even labeling the provinces as “doomed” to accept potential virus carriers.

The government finally listened and suspended the return of stranded Filipinos from Manila and Cebu just this week.