Cindi Chan bares plans for Lapu

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Lapu-Lapu City Rep. Cindi King-Chan recently outlined her vision for the city.

Flooding is one of the issues that Chan wants to address in the city.

The wife of Mayor Ahong Chan said she will find ways to secure adequate funding to implement the master drainage plan of the city. (

She also proposes the creation of a Lapu-Lapu City District Engineering Office in Congress to expedite and streamline the implementation of public works projects.

The proposed Lapu-Lapu City District Engineering Office was approved in the third and final reading in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Chan said that she will also push for the development of ecotourism spots on Olango Island in order to boost the city’s tourism industry.

“There are 11 barangays there, with three islets. It has a marine and bird sanctuary, so that could be developed into an ecotourism spot,” she added.

On education, the solon plans to create a state college in Lapu-Lapu City, with an annex in Olango Island, which will provide free tuition privileges to deserving students of the city.

She is also working closely with the Department of Health to open a dialysis center in the city that will provide free treatment to indigent patients.

To help the city’s economy, Chan wants to establish a microfinance program that will provide financial assistance to small and medium enterprises.