Christy Custodio calls for ‘one Guimbal’ after Garin-PNP fiasco


The positives outweigh the negative, this politiko said.

Vice Mayor Christy Love Custodio of Guimbal, Iloilo called for sobriety after the Mayor Oscar Garin and his son Rep. Richard Garin reportedly beat up a policeman in town.

The Philippine National Police-Region 6 unit said they will sue the Garin father and son and has removed their police escorts following the incident.

But Custodio went to spread good vibes to counter all the flak the political family has been getting.

“Just look at the GREAT things they have done for #GUIMBAL and that is for the all of us Guimbalanon. Now is the time to show #WEAREONE,” Custodio rallied online.

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