Christina Frasco gets nostalgic on Guv Gwen’s local SONA


Mayor Christina Garcia-Frasco is damn proud of what her mother had to go through as Cebu Governor.

It’s been a tumultuous decade, but Frasco is just bleeding with pride to see her mom Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia bounce back to the provincial capitol as if she hasn’t had Herculean challenges which once stood on her way.

It all came coming back when she watched her mother deliver her accomplishments after 100 days in office, which also fell on Garcia’s birthday. All the politicking, the 40-day office strike, and rivalries have all made her stronger.

“My tribute to the indefatigable Gwen Garcia and her enduring love for Cebu. Happy Birthday, Mom!,” Frasco said.

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As my mom, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, reports on her 100 days in Office and also celebrates her birthday today, I would like to share an excerpt of my welcome remarks at her Oath Taking in June. My tribute to the indefatigable Gwen Garcia and her enduring love for Cebu. Happy Birthday, Mom! “…For me, today is nostalgic as it is historic. Like many of you, I have had the privilege of witnessing first hand the journey of Gwendolyn Pilar Fiel Garcia as the first woman governor of the Province of Cebu. From the inauguration delayed by a few tense hours in 2004, to her phenomenal half a million lead in 2007, to her definitive victory in 2010 for her final term, I, like all of you, saw Governor Gwen Garcia distinguish herself with her phenomenal work ethic, her unrelenting devotion to the cause for uplifting Cebu, and her uncompromising love for the Cebuanos. For almost an entire decade of our lives, our family – Paulo and Michele, Duke and I, Carissa, and our kids, witnessed our mother nurture, nourish, defend, and make better her beloved Cebu. And as she spent countless days and nights being mother to the Province of Cebu, it became a running joke in our family that if any of her other children wanted to see her, we would have to make an appointment with Amor. So relentlessly devoted has Governor Gwen been to Cebu that while she received well-deserved praise and adulation for her stellar performance as governor in her historic 9-year administration, in the end, for Cebu, she also suffered greatly. Surely all of us recognize the significance of this day not only because Governor Gwen has made history as the first and only governor to be elected again after completing 3 terms, but also for all that she has had to endure that makes her victory and her oath taking today sweeter, more phenomenal, and more meaningful. If you will allow me, let me take you back briefly to the events of 6 years ago by reading a portion of an article that I had written then entitled “Cebu, Thus Far”: “A few days before Christmas, and five months before the 2013 elections, Governor Garcia was suspended from office for six months.

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That’s resilience!