China visit has promising prospects for NegOcc: Murcia VM

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Murcia Vice Mayor Johnny Reosura said his meeting with the Zhejiang International Contractors Association in China last week has promising results for Negros Occidental.

Their meeting was a follow-up to a collaboration agreement between the Murcia town and the Chinese group signed on April 23.

The agreement is geared towards boosting employment and business opportunities in Murcia and other parts of the province, said Reosura. (

The politiko said he also met with Zhou Hehai, vice president of China Comservice, a top corporation under the umbrella of China Telecom.

The meeting took place in their China Comservice headquarters in Zhejiang where the telecom giant presented their latest and compact telecommunication control sites, according to him.

In China, Reosura also visited Wenling City, and was hosted by Yuzeng Di, president of Hongyuan Construction Co., a giant corporation that builds bridges, roads, and tunnels.

Reosura said the friendship between the officials of Murcia and Zhejiang, China will surely uplift hopes that there will be lots of opportunities for development for the province.