Chedz Alvarez warns vs Bitcoin scammer using her name

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This is not the first time when her name is being used in vain.

Negros Occidental Rep. Mercedes Alvarez was quick to appeal to netizens against falling for a Facebook page using her name to solicit “investments” using Bitcoin, a new digital currency.

The sad part was that Alvarez’s name and face are being used without her consent.

The politiko issued the advisory on a Wednesday morning and asked her followers to report the account. Thankfully, the page has been take down hours later.

“Friends, please help me report this account that’s using my pictures! Someone messaged me today that this account was able to scam people through bitcoin investments, etc. Seriously? This is the second time my name, now my fez, was used in a scam,” Alvarez said.

Hope no one fell victim to this scheme before the takedown!