Cebuanos told: Take pro-active steps on coronavirus

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Governor Gwen Garcia is urging Cebuanos to take a more pro-active role to help cushion the impact of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) on tourism.

Yesterday, Garcia met with business groups, mall owners, and the Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu to discuss the Covid-19 scare.

She asked hotels and resorts to introduce package rates in an “attractive and affordable” manner. (

Employees of local government units, according to her, would opt to hold team building seminars and workshops, symposiums and conventions within their locality because accommodations in the urban area are costly.

“Perhaps it is time that instead of bringing tourists from the urban area to our towns, why not reverse it? There are a lot of people who want to go to urban Cebu but they hurry home because hotels in the city are too expensive for them,” added Garcia.

Last month, the National Economic and Development Authority 7 reported that Central Visayas stands to lose an estimated US$40,395,430 in monthly tourism revenues due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Some $17,361,780 in foregone revenues will come from the cancellation of accommodations, $2,516,200 from local transport services, $15,487,050 from restaurant and food and beverage services and $5,030,400 from retail trade or shopping, said Neda 7 Director Efren Carreon.

Garcia is set to call for another meeting with the transportation and utility sectors as well as financial institutions for an even more holistic approach towards offsetting the effects of Covid-19.