Cebu yet to decide lockdown duration

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It is too early to decide on the duration of the lockdown, Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said.

Garcia’s executive order that placed the province under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) does not specify an end date.

This was meant to avoid giving false hope, the governor explained. (

“I did not want to give false hopes to the Cebuanos. I did not want them to look at a particular date. It would be like a promise that I may not be able to keep and so I kept that open,” she added.

Garcia said the developments in Luzon will be a factor that the province will consider before deciding on the next steps to take.

Luzon, the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis in the country, is connected to Cebu in many aspects, according to her.

“It also depends on how the Manila situation will develop because we are all connected and so we really, really hope and pray that the Luzon situation will soon improve and they will soon flatten the curve,” said Garcia. “Because unless that is achieved, we cannot hope to even estimate a date when our own ECQ will be lifted,” she added.

Cebu is now on its eighth day of ECQ.