Cebu wants to ditch barrier rule for backriding


The Cebu Provincial Board has appealed before the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to reconsider the barrier requirement for backriding on motorcycles.

The legislative body approved Monday the resolution sponsored by Board Member Glenn Anthony Soco. He said copies of the resolution will be forwarded to the concerned agencies.

The resolution was anchored on several opinions from the experts questioning the policy due to safety issues. (

Experts said the mandatory installation of barrier between the driver and the back rider violates the principle of aerodynamics and maneuverability for motorcycle riders.

It poses greater risks of road accidents because barriers will counter the basic and fundamental concepts of physics and the different principles of science, they claimed.

The use of a barrier for motorcycle backriding for couples was approved by the IATF based on the prototype design submitted by Bohol Governor Arthur Yap.

Soco said the policy was approved without consultations and did not go through a required test run, adding that the efficacy of the device is not assured and there is no scientific proof that it is safe.

Aside from issues on efficacy and safety, the installation is also costly and impractical, according to him.

He suggested that it may be more functional and sensible if the pillion-rider simply wears a full-faced, front-covered helmet, with overalls or jackets and gloves.

While Soco is one with the IATF in imposing a certain degree of restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, the manner, he said, should be practical, affordable, and effective.

“It’s just an appeal. Hopefully, the IATF will consider our resolution.”