Cebu solon pushes for ABS-CBN franchise renewal

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Cebu City North District Representative Raul del Mar threw support behind ABS-CBN by filing a joint resolution extending the franchise renewal of the broadcast network until the end of the 18th Congress on June 30, 2022.

On Tuesday, Del Mar filed proposed House Joint Resolution No. 28 for the House of Representatives and the Senate in Congress to extend the 25-year franchise that will end on March 30, 2020.

“Since there are only eleven (11) session days left before the next adjournment of Congress on 14 March 2020, both the House of Representatives and the Senate need additional time to review, assess and determine whether or not ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation shall be granted the renewal of its franchise,” his proposed resolution read. (

Republic Act (RA) 7966 grants ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation a franchise to “construct, install, operate and maintain, for commercial purposes and in the public interest, television and radio broadcasting stations in and throughout the Philippines, through microwave, satellite, or whatever means including the use of any new technologies in television and radio systems, with the corresponding technological auxiliaries of facilities, special broadcast and other broadcast distribution services and relay stations.”

Enacted into law on March 30, 1995, the law provides that the franchise of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation shall be for a term of 25 years from its effectivity.

On February 10, the Office of the Solicitor General filed a quo warranto petition at the Supreme Court to forfeit the legislative franchise of ABS-CBN Corporation and its subsidiary, ABS-CBN Convergence, for alleged violations of the terms and conditions of its franchise.