Cebu mayors raise concerns around Covid-19 vaccine prioritization


Some Cebuano mayors expressed concern on the prioritization of Covid-19 immunization with respect to the quick-substitution list.

During the turn over of the Vaccination Plan for the Visayas manual, local chief executives said residents are asking on who will replace priority candidates who refuse to get vaccinated.

According to the Department of Health in Central Visayas (DOH-7), the quick substitution list is an “ofshoot” of planning that will still be based in the prioritization list. (

“If you schedule the priority (groups) A1 to A3, the quick substitution list must be in the succeeding priority group. But, it’s easier said than done. There really is a problem in the implementation, where to get the quick substitution list, but we are told to prepare a list that could at least fill in for the schedule of the day,” said DOH-7 head Dr. Jaime Bernadas.

The rationale of the quick substitution list is for the LGU to immediately fill in the slots for vaccine doses should some of those scheduled to get the shot refuse to be vaccinated, deferred to another schedule or time, and those deemed unqualified for the dose.

Bernadas said there are no hard and fast rules on the quick substitution list and the LGUs are given the prerogative to form this as long as those in the list come from the next priority group.