Cebu gov removes penalty for not wearing face mask


Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has issued a memorandum directing all mayors in the towns and cities in the province to remove the penalties against people caught without a face mask on.

“In light of the economic hardships experienced by Cebuanos due to Covid-19 pandemic, please refrain from imposing any form of monetary penalties upon persons found not wearing facemask and/or face shield within your municipality or city,” Garcia said in an April 20 memorandum.

Instead of imposing penalties, the governor said there are other forms of “humane” regulation on wearing face masks such as verbal reminders, reprimands and lectures. (

The Cebuana official earlier described the penalties for not wearing a mask as “anti-poor” and “illogical,” adding that this regulation is also prone to corruption.

Garcia, however, clarified that the wearing of masks is still required since there’s still Covid-19 pandemic.