Cebu councilor pushes for free Internet in all schools

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A committee of the Cebu City council is currently reviewing a proposal to provide free Wi-Fi Internet access in all public and private schools in the city.

Citing the use of the Internet for educational purposes, Councilor Eduardo Rama Jr. proposed last week the ordinance titled “Wireless Internet Access for Educational Institutions Ordinance in the City of Cebu.”

“Whereas, along with the nation’s educational reforms, schools must provide students with the necessary tools to level up its learning methods, towards this end, the City Government of Cebu shall institute measures to provide quality education that is accessible to all its students and is relevant to the needs of today’s generation,” the proposed measure stated.

The Rama ordinance aims to establish wireless internet access program centers in all schools situated in the city. These will include classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, main lobbies, student lounges, faculty offices and administrative offices, and others.

In The Freeman report, the politiko said his proposal will improve the learning techniques through cost-efficient and productivity-enhancing methods with the use of wireless internet and modernize the delivery of information to students through the use and application of information and communication technology.

It will likewise upgrade the capabilities of the educational institution relevant to valuable educational materials and make the educational institutions technologically competitive and at par with other educational institutions across the globe, he added.