Cebu City seeks grant from JICA

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Cebu City officials are working on an application for a possible project grant from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to make the city “greener” at no cost.

Mayor Mike Rama, councilors Nestor Archival and Joel Garganera and some of the mayor’s workforce met with Yokohama representatives to discuss the possible new partnership.

“JICA has grants in collaboration with cities in Asia. Cebu is one that I think will benefit from it,” Archival told The Freeman. (

In a Facebook post, Garganera said this is under the joint crediting mechanism (JCM) promoted by the Japanese government.

Representatives from Yokohama introduced zero/low-carbon technologies for Cebu City, he added.

Yokohama and Cebu City are set to explore the use of renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and other energy-saving and efficient technologies.

“As chairman of the committee on Environment and Natural Resources, I fully support the partnerships and the exploration of these technologies,” said Garganera.

He also believes it will be beneficial not only to Cebu City, but to the entire planet.

Archival, an environmentalist, is also excited about the possibilities of a project grant.

According to sources, Japan is providing the grants because it is concerned about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It also wants to highlight projects like those in Yokohama, such as solar, electronic parking, cost-cutting measures, and e-vehicles.