Cebu City dad pushes ‘no trees, no marriage license’


A councilor in Cebu City is proposing a measure that requires marriage license applicants to plant two trees.

Authored by Councilor Nestor Archival, the proposed ordinance entitled “No Trees, No License Ordinance” is now pending before the committees on laws, ordinances and styling, and health for review.

“The increasing number of offspring produced every year is one of the reasons why trees should be preserved and protected because aside from trees being used to build family homes, the number of people who need the oxygen produced by these trees is increasing,” portion of the measure read. (

Archival said the measure is timely as it supports the city government’s campaign to plant three million trees within three years to promote the protection and preservation of the environment.

Requiring applicants to plant at least two trees, fruit-bearing or not, before the marriage license is issued is an additional requirement set forth in Executive Order No. 209, series of 1987, or otherwise known as The Family Code of the Philippines, and other existing laws and local ordinances.

The proposed ordinance states that failure to comply with the additional requirement shall result in a denial or non-issuance of a marriage license.