Cebu City councilor: Take ‘stay at home’ order seriously


Councilor Phillip Zafra wants his fellow Cebuanos to take the “stay at home” order seriously.

This, after reports from different barangays showed that they have residents violating the order.

Authorities have decided to apply the full force of the law in dealing with the violators, said Zafra. (

He added that cops would check on those wandering in the streets and will be asked of their intentions of going out and when proven that they are just out for leisure, they will be brought to the police station to explain.

Among the violators are minors, according to him.

They would be accordingly warned and their parents would be called to explain.

Based on the reports, most of the violators are from the remote areas wherein there are still residents who would choose to go out and mingle outside their homes.

Zafra asked everyone to follow the rules and instructions given by the authorities in this time of enhanced community quarantine.