Cebu City council wants proper ventilation of workplaces


The Cebu City Council has urged the Office of the Mayor to ensure offices of the city government have proper ventilation.

Good ventilation reduces the chance of spreading the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

The Council also requested the city administrator to consider the guidelines of the Department of Labor and Employment Department Order No. 224 in improving and maintaining the quality of ventilation in the offices or workplaces to protect the health safety of the workforce and clients. (

“This representation believes that the rationale and guidelines of the said order may be adopted by the Cebu City Government to prevent the spread of Covid-19,” said Councilor Raul Alcoseba, sponsor of the resolution approved by the legislative body.

Department Order No. 224 or the “Guidelines on Ventilation for Workplaces and Public Transport to Prevent and Control the Spread of Covid-19” covers all commercial and industrial establishments, projects, sites, and all other places where work is being undertaken indoors.

Adequate ventilation should be strictly enforced inside the workplace as a preventive measure against the spread of the viral disease, Section 1 of the Order said.

Some recommended protocols include:

-the use of doors, windows, and other openings to maximize natural ventilation;

-natural air brought into the workplace should be free of contaminants for non-air-conditioned spaces;

-heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems should conform to the recommended breathing zone ventilation rates for the purpose of air dilution and comfort control;

-run the ventilation system for at least 30 minutes before and after spaces are occupied for air-conditioned spaces;

-the local exhaust ventilation system should have the basic components of hoods, ductworks, air cleaning device, fans or blowers and exhaust stack, and should be equipped with a proper air cleaning device to treat, filter, and minimize airborne contaminants being exhausted to the atmosphere; and

-ensure that exhaust fans in restroom facilities are functional and operational at full capacity.