Cebu City Council OKs ban on single-use plastic, styrofoam during Sinulog 2020


The Cebu City Council has approved a resolution prohibiting the use of styrofoam and single-use plastics for food and beverage preparation at the Sinulog grandstand.

The resolution sponsored by Councilor Alvin Dizon also sought to set up sufficient trash bins and eco-stations at the Cebu City Sports Center and along the Sinulog routes.

“We should be conscious of the waste we generate during Sinulog festivities given the harmful impacts of these on our environment especially clogging up our drainage during raining season resulting in heavy flooding in our city,” said Dizon.

Dizon also urged the Department of Public Services and Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CCENRO) to put up visible signages which will serve as a reminder to people to throw and dispose of their waste properly. (

He also asked establishments along the Sinulog routes to set up their own eco-stations for proper waste management.

Meanwhile, Dizon requested Mayor Edgardo Labella to issue an executive order that will prohibit the use of single-use plastics in all activities sponsored, organized, and initiated by the city government.

The city government collected a total of 11 tons of garbage from the 50 eco-stations they deployed during last year’s Sinulog fest, he said.