Cebu board backs gov’t counterinsurgency campaign

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The Cebu Provincial Board has passed a resolution supporting the government’s anti-insurgency measures.

The resolution authored by Sixth District Board Member Thadeo Jovito Ouano expressed the province’s full support to the Executive Order (EO) 70 issued by President Rodrigo Duterte, which institutionalizes the whole-of-nation approach to countering insurgency.

Ouano’s measure also directs for the creation of a national task force, particularly to address the armed conflict waged by communist groups and to forge a “peace framework.”

The peace framework is set to contain principles, policies, plans, and programs to supposedly address the root causes of insurgency in the country as well as respond to the local needs and specific situations of the different local government units (LGUs) in the country. (

Section 4 of the EO empowers the national task force to enlist the assistance of different bodies of government, including LGUs, government-owned and controlled corporations, and state universities and colleges in the implementation of the plans of action in accordance to their respective jurisdictions.

“There is no reason for anyone to support the rebel cause considering that our government is now extensively addressing the issues being used by the communist group, such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination, and encourages the members to return to the fold of the law and join the government’s movement for a peaceful and progressive community,” said Ouano.

The provincial board also recognized the need for a consolidated effort between the police, the military, and the civilian population to quell the insurgency problem.