Carlo Loreto, Leyte task force want a break in accepting LSIs


Leyteños hoping to head home for Christmas could be turned away by the province.

Vice Governor Carlo Loreto and members of the provincial COVID-19 task force sought authority from the national task force to pause its program for stranded Leyteños to go home this December, saying the province needs time to clean up and disinfect its facilities.

“There are situations that speak to facts and evidence. And then there are circumstances that speak to our humanity, begging our hearts to decide. What is right is what you feel and what you know in your bones to be true,” the politiko said to justify their call for a break.

“This will give time to sanitize, clean and make needed repairs of all isolation and quarantine centers, and allow for all our frontline workers to rest and get ready to continue fighting #COVID 19 again,” he added.[0]=AZU1KevrpcC9DwVDse-kKZKO4ADvSTj3qq7ZeDFNei368jRHUtjaiBmRljWemcXJP9mCJocLInPnY47uMcVIANDehYX5F3YXUjEr3iSJf3F87GolRoac3ys7IxTANUZHnf5PRBjMZtr7PUn7O9788V1W&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R