Capiz execs fight over realignment funds


A heated argument between Vice Mayor Weldie Apolinario and Sangguniang Bayan (SB) member in Maayon, Capiz over the proposed realignment of P90,000 budget erupted into a physical confrontation during a December 19 council session.

Panay News reported that Apolinario splashed coffee on Dordas, who then threw a coffee mug at him, leaving the vice mayor with a cut on the left arm.

Apolinario accused the SB member of confronting and provoking him by pointing a finger at him.

Dordas was supposedly clueless about the planned re-alignment of P90,000 to the vice mayor’s public relations fund from being an allocation for the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines.

“I called the other municipal councilors to ask them to suspend the rules so we could make the re-alignment happen by Wednesday, when we could be holding our last session for the year,” Apolinario said.

“Honestly, I did not call him (Dordas) because I was having difficulty explaining the matter to him,” the vice mayor admitted.

Dordas, on one hand, was trying to explain that such re-alignment must undergo the regular procedure instead of getting deliberated on in just one session.

“He (Dordas) has a point, but December is almost over and we’re pressed for time, so I asked that we insert the agenda in our last session,” Apolinario said.

He added that, “Following the regular process would take time and there would be a slim chance that we would be able to approve the realignment before the year ends.”

The fight prompted Dordas to go home, leaving the council without a quorum.