Cadiao to stop sand, gravel transport from Antique

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Governor Rhodora Cadiao will issue an executive order temporarily halting sand and gravel transport from Antique to other Western Visayas provinces.

This aims to protect and ensure the longevity of roads and bridges in the province.

Cadiao is currently seeking guidance from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the Land Transportation Office, and the Antique Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office to impose a temporary halt on the transport of quarry materials by refusing to release quarry trucks’ Ore Transport Permit (OTP). (

More than half of the province’s sand and gravel are sent all over the region, particularly to Iloilo, for the national government’s “build, build, build” project, according to the governor.

“Is it true that 60 to 70 percent of the sand and gravel in Iloilo is being taken from Antique? Is it true that we… Antique’s the one supplying the bulk of the sand and gravel for the ‘build, build, build’ in Iloilo? It is true that Antique has been very generous in its natural wealth by giving Iloilo the sand and gravel that they need,” Cadiao asked district engineer Mark Anthony Alejo of DPWH Region 6 during an inter-agency meeting at the provincial capitol on September 27 with regards to the Buhang-Egaña bridge’s collapse.

Cadiao said that the number of quarry operators in Antique to whom the provincial government issued permits to quarry has not increased significantly, but she has been signing several more OTPs, the majority of which are going to Iloilo.

The governor believes that stopping or reducing heavy duty vehicles that pass through, such as trucks carrying sand and gravel, will protect Antique’s roads and bridges.