BJ Biron to win Dumangas race for mayor: survey

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Iloilo Rep. BJ Biron (4th district) is ahead in the Dumangas mayoral race, a poll survey conducted in February and March 2022 showed.

According to the Random Access Consultants Inc. (RACI), 66.8 percent of the 600 respondents preferred Biron as the next mayor of Dumangas against 30.3 percent of Vice Mayor Ian Dolutan.

By sex, 65.3 percent of male respondents chose Biron over Dolutan (32 percent) while 68.3 of female voters were for the incumbent congressman. (

Biron also topped the survey by age group – 76.9 percent among 18-21 year olds; 72.5 percent in 22-29 age group; 67.8 percent in 30-39; 63.7 in 40-49; 61 percent in 50-59; and 73.2 in 60 and above.

On one hand, Dolutan’s best polling among age groups was in the 50-59 bracket with 34.8 percent.

In terms of educational attainment, Biron was also the most preferred candidate of voters – 68.9 percent among voters who reached elementary or graduated from elementary school; 67.8 percent among high school/high school graduates/vocational; and 65.2 percent among college level and college graduates.

Dolutan averaged 29 to 30 percent in all levels.

The solon was likewise the top choice of voters across all socio-economic status – 61.2 in Class A, B, and C (upper to middle class); and 68 percent in Class D and E (lower class).