Bishop Uy opposes ballons, fireworks in Tagbilaran festivities

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It would be best for local government and church officials to leave balloons and fireworks out of religious festivities in the Diocese of Tagbilaran in Bohol province.

Tagbilaran Bishop Alberto Uy said this is to protect the environment, as using balloons and fireworks will add to pollution.

“Local government units and churches should stop the practice of releasing balloons and of fireworks display,” he said (

He cited studies showing balloons do not decompose quickly, and could harm the marine ecosystem if they land in the water. Worse, they could cause fish to die if they ingest them.

Uy also said fireworks can pose dangers to people due to their toxic composition.

The prelate said he wants his flock to repair the damage to the environment by shunning such items.

He particularly urged his flock to take part in a tree-planting activity on Sept. 1.

“Caring for environment is one way of loving and serving God,” he said.