Biron widens lead in Dumangas poll

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Iloilo Rep. BJ Biron (4th district) increased his edge over his opponent in the mayoral race in Dumangas, Iloilo, a poll survey by Random Access Consultants Inc. showed.

The April 20 to 23 survey indicated that 76.2 percent of the 900 respondents chose Biron as the next Dumangas mayor.

His opponent, Ian Dolutan only received a preferential rating of 23 percent. (

Comparing the latest survey with the February 20 to 23 and March 2 to 4 polling, Biron’s vote percentage increased by 9.4 percent while Dolutan suffered a 7.3 percent drop.

In terms of range of percentage of votes, the congressman is expected to capture 72.9 to 79.5 percent of the likely voters against his rival’s 19.7 to 26.3 percent.