Biron eyes use of QRF funds for damaged infrastructures

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Tropical Depression “Agaton” damaged P323 million worth of infrastructure in the 4th district of Iloilo province.

Rep. BJ Biron (94th district) and his father, former Rep. Ferjenel Biron are currently securing funding for the repairs of said damaged structures and roads using the Quick Response Fund of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

“Repairs must be done at the soonest possible time to minimize the economic impact brought about by these damaged infras,” the younger Biron said. (

Report from DPWH’s Iloilo 2nd district engineering showed that as of April 14, “Agaton” damaged 18 road sections and bridges within the jurisdiction of the 4th congressional district.

These are: collapsed slope protection in the Passi-San Rafael-Lemery-Sara Road, K0065+300, in Madarag, San Enrique town – P15 million; damaged bridge approach along Iloilo-Capiz Road (new route), K0042+135 in Tinocuan, Dueñas town – P1.5 million; collapsed Monfort Bridge connecting Brgy. Poblacion-Brgy. Camambugan in San Matias, Dingle – P150 million; collapsed Alimono Bridge in Alimono, Passi City – P60 million; collapsed shoulder of a portion of Passi-San Rafael-Lemery-Sara Road, K0061+980, RL in Catan-agan, San Enrique town – P1.5 million; damaged unpaved shoulder and guardrails along Passi-Calinog Road, K0050+400 – K0050+700, RS in Gines Viejo, Passi City – P1 million; landslide in portion of Passi-San Rafael-Lemery-Sara Road, K0062+200, LS in Catan-agan, San Enrique – P2.5 million; landslide in portion of Passi-San Rafael-Lemery-Sara Road, K0065+900-K0065+950 in Madarag, San Enrique – P15 million; collapsed riprap in portion of Iloilo-Capiz Road (new route), K0059+800, LS in Aglalana, Passi City – P2 million; and damaged revetment and abutment in portion of Iloilo-Capiz Road (new route), Aglalana Bridge in Passi City – P3 million.

Other damaged infrastructure include the following:

-Scoured shoulder and damaged slope protection in portion of Passi-San Rafael-Lemery-Sara Road, K0053+800-K0053+830, RL in Gines, San Enrique – P 4 million

-Collapsed slope protection of Barotac Nuevo-Polot-an-Bangga Banate Road LS = 100 l.m. in Tabucan, Barotac Nuevo – P12.5 million

-Scoured shoulder and damaged guardrails in Balabag-Maquina-Cayos-Patlad Rd., Intermittent K0283+900-K0284+100 in Maquina, Dumangas – P2 million

-Collapsed paved shoulder and riprap in Balabag-Maquina-Cayos-Patlad Rd., K0285+300-K0285+330, K0285+340-K0285+345, LS in Balud, Dumangas

-Collapsed slope protection of Iloilo-East Coast Capiz Road, Peñaflorida Bridge,Upstream, RS in Balabag, Dumangas – P12.5 million

-Damaged slope protection of Passi-San Enrique-Garrita Road, K0051+268-K0051+340 in Imbang Pequiño, San Enrique – P9 million

-Collapsed Revetment (Flood Control) of Pototan-Tabugon Road in San Matias, Dingle – P10 million

-Collapsed Revetment (Flood Control) of Balabag-Maquina-Cayos-Patlad Road in Maquina, Dumangas – P20 million