BIR kicks out lady without legs for wearing shorts

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by Allan Yves Briones

A Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) regional office is in hot water after allegedly barring a woman born without legs from entering the premises.

In a viral Facebook post aired last Tuesday, Nancy Torrelino Boroc, 27, narrated the events that transpired at the BIR Calbayog office in Samar.

According to Boroc, she was prevented by the office’s security guard to access the office because she was wearing shorts.

“People wearing shorts aren’t allowed,” the security guard allegedly said in the vernacular.

To which Boroc asked, “Even a PWD who can’t wear long pants?”

Boroc said that the guard replied in the affirmative, citing the new bureau regulations.

In an interview with the press, Boroc said that a few days later when she went back with socks on her thighs, she did not face similar opposition – which may be attributed to the different guard on duty.

In order to prevent the same situation happening to other persons with disabilities, Boroc had this to say:

“I hope that any establishment, especially government premises should not be insensitive to PWDs. They should make their employees more aware so that they won’t tend to be bookish in the implementation of their memos.”

Boroc’s post has gotten close to ten thousand supportive reactions online, as well as shared more than 5,000 times.

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