Binuweltahan? Iloilo town cops in hot water over cockpit raid

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A police raid on a cockpit operated by a former congressman in Dumangas town in Iloilo last Feb. 9 has put members of the raiding team in hot water.

Former Batanes Rep. Carlo Oliver Diasnes, operator of Stephanie Coliseum in Barangay Balabag in Dumangas, wants to hale the policemen to court over the raid.

Some 154 persons were arrested by the Iloilo Police Provincial Office-Provincial Special Operations Group during the raid, for betting on “pauwakan.”

But Diasnes said there is a need for the court to decide whether the “pauwakan” is legal or not (

He said the supposed “pauwakan,” which the police raised, was within the cockpit arena. He presented their business permit and their Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).

The ECC indicated that the cockpit is part of Diasnes’ Bacolod Capitol Corporate Center on a 40,000-square meter lot at Balabag village.

Also, the former lawmaker said the pauwakan operator is a certain Laila Gadian.

A special permit gave Gadian authority to hold “pintakasi” on Feb. 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, and 22-23 at Stephanie Coliseum.

But outgoing Iloilo police chief P/Col. Roland Vilela said the cockfight was held outside the area stated in the permit.

“The franchise is here and they did it 100 meters away from that area,” he said.

Also, police noted the presence of minors, which is also a violation of the law.

As of Feb. 11, 99 of the 154 arrested persons were temporarily released from Dumangas Police Station after posting bail.

Diasnes said their legal counsel is also processing the bail of others. Their camp has filed a motion in the court to reduce the bail.