Bing Leonardia’s next task: Convince Bacolodnons to get vaccinated


Mayor Bing Leonardia knows there’s a problem of demand as Bacolod buys COVID-19 vaccines.

Although the vaccines made by AstraZeneca are generally accepted compared to China-made brands, the politiko knew there’s a major problem ahead of them: lack of vaccine confidence.

He rounded up the Bacolod COVID Vaccination Council for a virtual meeting, with their focus now on a massive information campaign that vaccines are safe.

“We have to sit down with you because this is going to be a voluminous and complicated situation,” Leonardia told the team. “We do not want to see the day when the vaccine comes and we have no one to vaccinate. We will not allow that to happen.”

Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran has suggested that before the vaccine is delivered, the city should already have a list of names who want to get vaccinated as the doses are quick to lose their potency.