Bing Leonardia honors WHO doctor who helped Bacolod battle COVID-19


Bing Leonardia will forever be grateful for the expert help given by this man.

The Bacolod mayor formally recognized Dr. Ralph Nico Selibio, a consultant on COVID-19 response of the World Health Organization, for helping the city battle its local outbreak a few months ago.

The politiko awarded an executive order to Selibio to recognize his “invaluable and selfless service” to Bacolod.

“He spent long hours working with the EOC Task Force, sharing his knowledge and expertise, unfailingly rendered thoughtful suggestions and timely procedural advice, specifically on contact tracing strategies in prevention measures,” the politiko said, eternally indebted to two months of the doctor’s kind help.

“The dedicated service of Dr. Selibio, together with the EOC Task Force, has resulted to the lowering of COVD-19 cases in Bacolod City,” he added about the homegrown doctor.