Benitez to deal with legalities if coliseum/museum project gets shelved – Leonardia

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The administration of Mayor-elect Albee Benitez has to deal with certain procedures and legalities if it plans to repurpose the funds intended for the construction of the MassKara Coliseum and Bacolod City Museum, outgoing Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia said.

Earlier, Benitez said that he intends to repurpose the funds for the construction of the structure into a “cheaper and simpler” convention center or trade center.

This would allow the local government to realign the budget for redesigning and rebuilding of the city’s public markets, the former Negros Occidental congressman said. (

Leonardia insisted that the coliseum/museum project would become a big tourism and sports magnet for the city.

He also recalled that when the city had to host big conventions before, they had to divide it into three or four different venues.

“With the big-ticket players here, we also need a big facility to cope up and balance the growth of Bacolod,” the city mayor said.

“So, it’s up to them if that is what they want but of course they have to grapple with certain procedures and legalities. It’s the people who will judge us,” he added.