Benitez: Now is the time for a reskilling revolution

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To complete the digital transformation agenda, Negros Occidental Rep. Jose Francisco Benitez (3rd district) is pushing for a reskilling of the workforce in the IT-BPO sector.

During the 175th culmination ceremony of the Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center (NOLITC) on June 4, Benitez stressed the need for focus on reskilling employees to address the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“Digital transformation is our ticket to economic recovery and the key to sustained economic growth,” he said. (

Benitez led the virtual graduation of 59 Contact Center Services NC II graduates of NOLITC, representing his brother, provincial consultant for economic affairs Albee Benitez.

He commended the graduates and wished that their certification will open new opportunities and lead to high income and improved standard of living.

The Negrense solon likewise lauded NOLITC as a trailblazer in the reskilling revolution in the province by preparing the youth to work in call centers or IT firms, and recognized its transition to online learning during the pandemic.

He challenged NOLITC to move forward to higher-level IT-BPO training programs that will focus on enhancing cognitive abilities, such as critical thinking, creativity, and complex problem-solving.

Benitez has filed House Bill No. 6875, which seeks to design all primary and higher education and TVET programs under the UNESCO standards.

This, according to him, would help NOLITC and other educational institutions in designing new programs on digital literacy and enhance the competitiveness of the workforce.