Bawal pa! Don’t take kids to church, Cebu City dad to parents


Cebu City Philip Zafra, chairman of the committee on public order at the Cebu City Council, urged parents and guardians not to bring children to church.

The public must follow health protocols to curb the continued spike in the coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in the city, said Zafra.

Existing guidelines against Covid-19 provide that only those aged 16 to 65 years are allowed to go out of their homes under a modified general community quarantine, which is the present status of Cebu City. (

“We would like to appeal, please do not take your children to the church. Let’s spare them from Covid-19. Let’s not allow them to suffer from the transmission of the virus. After all, regret always comes last,” the councilor said.

Zafra also called on security personnel manning the gates of these churches to strictly implement the health and quarantine protocols.