Baronda bill seeks creation of anti-drug abuse councils

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Iloilo City Rep. Julienne Baronda has reintroduced a bill that seeks to establish the anti-drug abuse councils (ADACs) across the country.

Her House Bill No. (HBN) 756 requires all local government units (LGUs) to set up an ADAC to oversee the planning and implementation of all local anti-drug abuse programs and activities.

Baronda underscored the need for a holistic approach/program that will not only focus on apprehending illegal drug personalities but also on their reform and rehabilitation. (

The ADAC would be a multi-sectoral council composed of local officials and representatives of various community organizations to lead in the planning, implementation and monitoring of local anti-drug abuse programs and projects.

Under HBN 756, the LGUs would be tasked to do the following:

● activate, strengthen and ensure functionality of its ADAC;

● approve a comprehensive local anti-drug plan of action to eliminate drug addiction; and

● appropriate a substantial amount of funds not lower than two percent of the annual appropriations for anti-illegal drug-related programs and activities and operations as mandatory items in their budgets.

The Ilongga solon enjoined the entire community to take part in this fight to completely eradicate the drug problem in our country.