Art Yap feels loved after Bohol circuit for campaign

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Art Yap is feeling the love from Boholanos as he wraps up campaign sorties across the province.

It’s an inspiring experience for the governor.

“In just a few days, the campaign period will be over. As we toured all over Bohol, we saw the understanding, strong and strong support of the people and above all, we felt the love and welcome of our brothers and sisters,” the politiko said.

“I am happy to meet you all. I am confident, if we have unity and peace, nothing will hinder our aspirations for further development in our beloved province of Bohol.
To all of our leaders, supporters and all supporters of the Padayon Bol- anon Group, Let’s Keep Going. Let’s secure victory on May 9. The victory of the Padayon Bol-anon Group, also a victory of the Bol-anon Family!”

Yap then dedicated a song to capture all the highlights of his campaign rounds.