Antique’s P1.19B executive budget vetoed

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Antique Governor Rhodora Cadiao vetoed the province’s P1.19-billion executive budget.

The approved budget did not comply with the required 20-percent development fund under Section 287 of the Local Government Code, said Cadiao.

“Once it is submitted for review, the Department of Budget and Management would not approve the budget,” she added.

The Provincial Board (PB) removed budget allotments for construction of the Binirayan Hostel, expansion of the Padlusan adventure amenities, and environment sanitation project.

“The provincial board slashing of the budget has only left 10.40 percent as development fund,” according to Cadiao.

The governor said the development projects were already agreed to be incorporated in the plan during the Joint Consultative Meeting of the PB’s Committee on Finance and Appropriations and the Local Finance Committee under the Office of the Governor.