Antique town mayor Occeña positive for Covid-19


Sibalom Mayor Gian Carlo Occeña of Antique province tested positive for coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

In an official statement Tuesday, Occeña said he underwent RT-PCR testing on April 3 after being exposed to a Covid-19 case on March 23.

His test result was released last Sunday. (

Occeña disclosed the result of his Covid-19 test “for the sake of transparency.”

“My exposure to the virus started during our meeting in the afternoon of March 23. Then I began experiencing itchiness in my throat… (On) March 29, 2021 I had a low-grade fever. I started coughing on April 3 and had difficulty breathing the following day. I was advised to be admitted in a hospital facility,” according to the mayor.

Occeña said his condition has now stabilized.