Ann Tan can’t believe how fast her kids are growing


Ann Tan is shocked with how old her kids are turning.

The Samar congresswoman is surprised to see that her kids aren’t the babies she used to carry and cuddle up on her lap anymore. She tried to do it with her daughter who looks poised to grow taller than her.

“You are growing up so fast before my eyes and everyday you are turning into such a fine young lady. Happy Birthday, my dearest Rianne! We all love you so much!,” the politiko said with a warm smile.[0]=AZXuiwuCq1t_H27oBaGM90xlMXf5eD0sw8gdbmgHzNDQB0bpZb4nk8OkO85cEPAE5PBA_jt83wIfcq4SVZnahS0LFFe_96-2-ML-SuoxNAs0O8w3TV2k6hu27D-41d4qRmsDMCcIIsjIKSQn9mPjYIQaPeAC8QfMCAPEqLBINIWJnyggNUAmXehFg6bnS6Xc-4w&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R